is the golden rule ridiculous?

The Golden Rule sucks. No, for realsies.
Sometimes it just gets the best of me.

Not that I'm some angel of niceness, but unfortunately I was bestowed with an awareness of how to lend a helping hand to--or to be thoughtful for/mindful of--others, most of the time. And so I find it difficult sometimes to deal when I'm confronted with others' inability to do the same.

I know, I know.
This seems like a silly thing to get frustrated about, and perhaps a smidgen contradictory to the underlying premise of the golden rule (which I will now de-capitalize out of disdain)--which is to simply do unto others as you'd have them do unto you.
No strings attached, right?

Well, psychologically I think it is impossible to do good without a nano-percentage of that being "for you." Even if it's the feeling of gladness for doing that thing, helping that person, or saving those whales, you still got gladness in return. So, admittedly, actions of good have personal rewards.
I don't think, however, that that necessarily affects the sincerity of the action(s), nor does it make them selfish.

On top of that inherent 'goodness,' I can't say I don't want a taste more in return...say, understanding. To be more specific, it's nice when people don't act like your requests are ridiculous.
For starters, do you really think I'd ask something "ridiculous"?? If so, why? And what is ridiculous, anyway?
Also, don't you think that if I am asking such things, that I would be OK with a similar request from you?
Get off of your fucking high-horse about things and try to see why I might even think to ask you...or suggest to you...or request...or say...whatever it is that you've deemed "ridiculous."

And so I hate the golden rule. Sometimes.

Maybe I just hate when people are so quick to label me/things about me as "ridiculous."
If you're actually being serious, then to me that's the ultimately most-uncompassionate thing you could ever say to me.

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