misc. wednesday

-I feel like the only real blog posts I do anymore are misc. wednesdays...I wish I had more in me than that.

-Today on my lunch break I went to Old Navy (yeah, there's a shopping "complex" near my work. mer bear would be jealous. I shouldn't tell her there's also a ROSS.) I bought myself a pair of bermuda shorts (I might go there some day, so I thought I'd be prepared) and a self-proclaimed "sun-kissed polo." I mostly sat in the dressing room laughing to myself at the sun-kissed polo tag. When the hell did polo shirts need to be sun-kissed, and who thought of that anyway?? It conjures up a fresh field of polo shirts blowing in the breeze, bees buzzing around the collars trying to pollinate in vain, and small asthmatic blonde children sneezing their small asthmatic blonde-children sneezes. I mean, is this the next step in the evolution of clothing nomenclature, begun by those wizards over at J. Crew who invented another color spectrum, the likes of which include "mariposa" and "creme fraiche-nougat balsa"? Even L.L.Bean ca. 1993 seems ghetto with polo-shirt lines such as "sun-kissed."
Sure is soft though!

-Speaking of marketing gimmicks, another thing I noticed was the lotion industry's obsession with both Scandinavia and/or Switzerland, which begs the question: Are the Nords really better at lotion-making than, say, Africans? And at which point did we all start accepting this as truth?
St. Ives boasts "original Swiss formula" and includes one special "whipped silk" in its product line, which claims the ancient power of...moisturizing?. Neutrogena has a navy-and-red-schemed design on a field of pure white decking out its straight-forward, no-nonsene, super-efficient-and-humorless bottle for its "Norwegian Formula" ('DRY-ROUGH SKIN ONLY!!!). Then there are all the wittle generic bwands on the far ends, meekly waving paper versions of their Aryan counterparts' national flags. "Compare to Neutrogena!" and "Same Active Ingredients As St. Ives!" they shout at the top of their water-logged lungs. But they're not fooling anybody except...well, mayhaps a few deal-sniffers or coupon-clippers.
Personally, I went for the Neutrogena.

-I once knew a man from Nantucket.

-R.I.P.: Carlisle HS German class's annual gingerbread-house-for-a-whole-month building. 1990-2006.
I guess the administration finally figured out that spending the whole month of December having students build a gingerbread house "just because it's kinda German-ish" wasn't the best use of time. Es tut mir leid, Frau Dete.

-Best pick up line ever, by Lizzy Wilmarth: "So. Slavery. How fucked up was that??"

-I'm gonna have to go ahead and say my favorite animal is the gibbon.

-What are you people doing this weekend?

-Today's Compare and Contrast: immigration debate and taxes
The ongoing immigration debate is interesting; taxes are boring.


Ren said...

a dash!? a dash is such a tease! i saw a new header and thought maybe id get some wednesday emilie-ism!


Spooner said...

I will be laughing about the polos in a field image for quite a while.
Maybe we should make an Arab lotion with a logo that mocks the Danes. Beat 'em at their own lotion/political cartoon game.
Just a thought...