I haven't really been blogging very substantially lately -- the occasional list or random thought aside. But I've really gotten into the Yelp lately. I think it's pretty sweet that you can write a readable review on anywhere you've ever been. Check it out, dudicals.


mem day

I'm very excited, for tonight I leave for DC and northern Virginia for a fun-filled weekend of canoeing, weddings, and seeing so many people I haven't seen for the past year. Hurray for Memorial Day weekend!


feel-the-love Friday

Here are some things I love right now and why:

-Gone With the Wind:
Because it has been a nice story to get into after an evening full of logical reasoning, and because I love reading about the South.

-The Washington Nationals:
Because it is baseball season.

- Studying for the LSAT:
Because it is making me a better person.

-My bike:
Because it is waiting patiently in the hallway until I'm done with the LSAT. And because it is off-white in color.

-Radio Deliro (French Internet radio station):
Because it plays a variety of good stuff, from sun-themed Beatles song sets, to 20s big band classics, to Parisian jazz circa 1935, to the Mozart standards, to American blues, to the wonderful group Le Grand Orchestre du Splendid (right now it's some French boogie version of "Swanee River.") Or maybe it's just because it makes me want to drink a Manhattan, and even thinking about drinking a Manhattan makes me happy.

- Leah Tuckman:
Because she "lets" me be myself, without letting me be myself in a bad way. Actually, I think being myself in a bad way is literally impossible given the inherent truth I've discovered that I am always necessarily good with her.
Also, she's a math teacher and she likes to introduce me to really bad hip hop.