darcy o'brien

When someone so young passes her time on Earth, I think it hits every single person right smack in the heart with the fact.
That life is precious.

Even though Darcy was not my immediate friend, Colleen and her family were integral to my life since I first plopped down in Carlisle. Their steadfast and down-home hospitality, friendship, and support were unprecedented blessings after having grown up constantly on the move, and I've never lost my gratitude for how they have enriched my life.

And so I grieve hard, but simply, for the loss of Darcy.

I simply cannot imagine how it must feel to lose your daughter.
I simply cannot imagine what is like to have your only sibling taken away from you.
And I simply cannot fathom losing your best friend, just as your adult lives were taking off and you were going in different directions with different ambitions.
Knowing that you would always have your best friends by your side--step by step--until the day was done.

And suddenly that day comes for one of you.

To Colleen, Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, and the rest of the O'Brien family and Darcy's friends--many of whom are also my own best friends' younger sisters--
I am so, so sorry for your loss and I offer my deepest sympathy and love for you during this time.
You are in my thoughts and heart.

"And so we know we're all right;
life will come and life will go.
Still we feel it's all right
cause someone gets a letter to your soul.
When your whole life is on the tip of your tongue,
empty pages for the no longer young,
the apathy of time laughs in our face...

Each life has its place."

-IG, 'virginia woolf'


misc. wednesday

-I have developed a strange affinity for english breakfast tea with sugar and cream, thanks in part to my co-worker Margarete. A regular coffee drinker, I sometimes tried my hand at teas, but usually ended up feeling like a poser.
Either that, or I would just secretly want it to be coffee the whole time.
But with the english breakfast, I feel naturally satisfied. Not like a pretentious herbal tea drinker that I sometimes "want" to be after listening to Jewel (I do not listen to Jewel! I just mean, that feeling of thinking about Jewel and how it made you want to be all cute and sensitive) or when I see the Yoga Journal in the check-out line at Whole Foods. No, english breakfast tea skips all that secret confidence/inconfidence and just...does it for me. Of course, I get an afternoon coffee anyway.
But for the morning hours, I'm refined, classy, and British.

-Anne Taintor is brilliant.

-Also brilliant:

-Go see Emily Morrison in her new play--showing for the next two weeks!

-I am addicted to Sam Cooke's greatest hits album.

-5 fun things about last weekend:
1) out-of-town visitors
2) grey's anatomy/L-word party
3) "westwood!"
4) The Maids play, starring Linnea Wilson
5) laughing for 4 days straight

-This point does not have a point.

-Today's Compare and Contrast: burritos from different places
I was recently discussing with my good friend Molly H., how if she came to visit me in SF, that she would never be able to once again eat at Taco Bell. Of course, knowing Molly H., I should have expected that she would quickly stop me dead in my pretentious-SF tracks, which she did. Tracks, I must point out, that I didn't even know I was in and still don't think are part of my overall being...but that's not the point. The point is I live in SF and I thought, for a split second, that something I know as true and good about SF is better than something outside of SF, which has historically given SF a pretentious reputation it finds hard to shake, and which also pisses off my grandmother.
She says: "T-Bell cannot be compared to other Mexican places. There are different levels of Mexican food, and one cannot compare, say, a T-Bell with a Chipotle, just as one cannot compare a Chipotle with a decent sit-down Mexican restaurant." She continues to say that to do so would be to compare "apples and oranges."
At first this seems like an admirable point--simply admitting that they are all in different leagues and thus why create a headache for yourself?
And I agree that each one 'is what it is,' and to go into a T-Bell with Papalote-like expectations would be merely foolish, if not depressing.
But one must wonder--nay, SHOULD wonder--aren't they all shooting for the same Tex-Mex moon? And if so, is it really that ridiculous to suggest that a bean burrito from one sucks, when compared to one from another?
I guess the trick is not to compare at all.
And I guess I can do that if I throw all my principles out the window, toss my beliefs aside, and settle for mediocrity.

Or just get really drunk.


misc. wednesday!

-Congratulations to Ms. Leigh Carter, who today got a job. All I have to say is it's about freaking time someone hired your smart and talented ass!

-I really should work on eating more slowly. I just killed that whole thing in like 5 minutes.

-5 favorite local foods and who introduced me to them:
1) super bean & cheese burrito from Papalote (me)
2) an It's It ice cream thingy from the corner store (leah)
3) chicken wings from Capital in Chinatown (karen)
4) falafel deluxe from Truly Med (nicole)
5) the cheap beer that keeps showing up in our fridge (?)

-At the current time, I'm not affiliated with AudioLuxe. The details aren't important, but I just wanted to "announce" that, so when you hear about me volunteering/taking up new activities/etc. you don't think I'm completely crazy for doing a "billion things."

-On that note, I'm really excited about starting a second life as a volunteer. More to come, I'm sure.

-Kelli Johnson was a damn good friend; she is still missed greatly.

-I'm really enjoying this nice weather (70s & sunny), but it's weird not having to have earned it by enduring months of gray winter. Don't fuck with me, California.

-Places I want to go in the next five years:
1) Oktoberfest (beer + Germany = ja voll)
2) Hawai'i (it's so close!)
3) Anywhere in Latin America already...jeez!
4) Yosemite NP
5) grad school

-"3 Feet High and Rising" is still one of the best albums ever made.

Today's Compare and Contrast:
-I think I prefer four-tined to three-tined, forks.
Why? Well, when it comes to tines, it's all in the food-stabbing ability. Obviously the fourth tine allows for a broader bite than one with just three. That's obvious.
In addition, I find my eating is more assertive when I eat with a four-tined fork. With three, it's like, the food could just jump off the plate and eat me! That's not a way to enjoy one's dinner.
Oh yeah, and a four-tined fork makes a more muted "dook" sound if it actually finds its way to the plate without having caught any food. Which sometimes happens. Sometimes I miss the food on the plate. The last thing I need is a fork that's always pointing it out.
To three-tined fork's credit, though, at least it's better than a spork.
OK, well, a three-pronged spork.

-Mr. Cheney:
Love hurts and all, but at least Ennis didn't shoot him.


valentine's day

misc. wednesday will return tomorrow, but in the meantime I just wanted to say that I just had the best Valentine's Day in my entire life...and it's only 11:30 am.