complete douchebag makes baseball "history"

OK, OK...so a lot of people out there might consider the fact that I scored $25 tickets to tonight's Giants game and ended up seeing "history" quite an envious fact. To be honest, I'm just glad to have seen my boys from D.C. rock the house. A very impressive performance by my beloved Nats.

What's less impressive to me is how a doped-up/genetically-altered super-human athlete "beat" an actual athlete's sporting record. When Bonds slammed his 756th homer this evening, I may have been the only one among 46,000ish people who could not only care less, but who actually felt contempt and slight anger at the hoopla surrounding this ridiculous "feat." I mean, how hard is it to beat something that's 33 years old...especially when you've basically been cheating to do it? That's like me bragging I can send an email faster than someone in 1974 could send a fax.

And even less impressive to me than Bonds is the SF Giants fans in general. Way to be so maniacal about the "Road to History" (as the immediately-rolled-out banners proclaim) that as soon as the inning in which this so-called "history" was made, you pack up and go back to your organically-carpeted TIC condos. Because, of course, you saw the "moment"...what does the rest of the game even matter? Seriously, I think about 20,000 left the stadium within 30 minutes of #756. For as much as I think Boston fans are some of the most obnoxious people in the entire world, I admire them for that very same quality. You just know Fenway would have somehow added butts to seats as opposed to this pathetic AT&T Park attrition I saw tonight.

Last but not least. Least impressive than the above: the actual SF Giants themselves. After including in your ballgame one of the singular moments in baseball history, you can't even win the damn game. Pathetic.

I hope this doesn't sound like I didn't have a fun time -- I love baseball and I loved this evening. Just had to get some irritation off my chest. Go Nats...I'll be there tomorrow, too!