misc. wednesday

-Because it's that time of year, here is your fool-proof Bar Bible

-On a similar note, I really do believe that we will beat the P-Bags on Sunday

-If you know me at all (which would be creepy if you didn't), then you know that right now I am in a literal Holly-Daze. The period between Thanksgiving and the New Year is my absolute favorite time of year. Thank you for bearing with me.

-There's recently been some discussions surrounding "good beer." As such, I will go ahead and list my top-ten favorite Winter beers (list subject to change upon new discoveries):
10. Old Dominion Winter IPA
9. Sam Adams' Winter Lager
8. My friend Alex Porcaro's home-brewed Wassail
7. Anderson Valley Winter Solstice
6. Sam Smith's Winter Welcome Ale
5. Sam Adams' Cranberry Lambic
4. Sam Adams' Old Fezziwig Ale
3. Tuborg Christmas Brew
2. Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale
1. Anchor Steam Christmas (with a candy cane in the glass)

-Timing, as they say, is everything.