just kidding, south dakotes

Yesterday I compared you to Puritan New England, based on your recent banning of abortion. I didn't mean this as a complete insult (there were some good/fun things about Puritant NE), and I don't want you to think that I don't appreciate what you're doing out there on the prairie.

You see, our system is designed for this kind of thing. So just as I have the right (well, at least for now) to go get my uterus gutted, you have the right to try not to let me. We battle it out--exchange words and perhaps slap one another with gloves or silly-sloganed picket signs--and then we hire our best minds to take it into the courtroom for final review.
And so far, you're up.

And you know what? You just might win. We did in the 70's and...I understand the ebb and flow of victory. I mean, just three years ago the Orangemen were on their way to winning the national championship and...well, let's not talk about that right now.

The point is, you have every right to try to ban abortion. Good for you, if that's what you believe in. And if you win I guess I'd come over and shake your hand.
Of course I'd then wash mine of any responsibility for turning back the clock of modernity. But still, "Good job," I'd say. "You deserve it."

Because you'll deserve the back-alley abortions, the unwanted children, and the financial backlash and strain on your one-zip-coded system that comes along with such an antiquated law.

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Ren said...

I have to say that I found your commentary on the subject (both in my blog and in your previous post wickedly witty.

On a more somber note, looks like Tennessee's on it's way to joining South Dakota. If this keeps up, the country's going to start looking really small...