your input

So over the next month or so I'm gonna vamp up my blog and hopefully start a podcast. Of course, this is contingent upon a lot of things, but still. It's a big fat goal I have.

Whatchoo people want? Please let me know what you think would be cool. Any suggestions welcome.



Ren said...
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Ren said...

Hey Ems,

I've been thinking about this and it's a little tough to come up with suggestions for you to tell you the truth.... the conclusion I kept coming to was that as long as it's you and your personality is all over it, I'll love it. I think a podcast would be really cool, so long as you keep writing.

I've been enjoying the misc. stuff because I tend to think of short things that I want to mention but I never have enough to write an actual entry about, so I think its cool you do that. I do enjoy when you comment on current events because your wit and point of view is normally really fresh after I've read and read about the topic online. A podcast might give you a little more opportunity to maybe bring some of the sights and sounds of San Francisco (and your travels) into your blog. I can't imagine that you'd be in such a vibrant environment and it wouldn't have an impact on you (podcast + the occassional photo = cool as well).

Funny, because I've actually been thinking about working on improving my blog too, starting with a redesign for sure.

Anyway, hope this helps a bit!


Sarah Annie said...

Do you still fast on Mondays? Cuz I'd like to listen to a day-long podcast about how hungry you are to start my week off right.