misc. wednesday

-As highly unlikely it is that I ever become a famous government leak, if so, I'd really appreciate a cool nickname. "Deep Throat" is not such a nickname.

-Alison Krauss could very well be the first bluegrass artist on crack.

-Apparently The Iliad isn't the most exciting book ever written. Either that, or I'm just not that committed.

-I really don't think there's anything wrong with having a mimosa during breakfast.
Even on weekdays.
At 7 am.
I mean, right?

-In 23 days, Li'l Kim will face sentencing regarding a guilty charge in a 2001 shootout.
I'm not sure what I'll do if she's put in the slammer. I mean, have you heard "Not Tonight"?? Not only an outrage, this might be one of the biggest tragedies of the 21st Century.

-What the hell ever happened to Sarah McLachlan?

-I actually don't care what the answer is.

-In practical terms, nothing really matters. When speaking impractically, everything does.

-Let it be knownst throughout the land that, yes, you can look up other people's phone numbers while you are on your cell phone. Got that dad?

-Speaking of my dad, welcome back after 3 years in Bucharest!

-Also, congratulations to my cousin Katie who yesterday became engaged!

-A whole round of younger high school friends recently graduated college. To them, I say:
"Just follow your dreams. Even if they lead you to a shitty shitty place, in reality it can't be shitty because your dreams led you there."

-I'm not one of those people who was obsessed with Bob Edwards. But I have to admit that after a year of Steve Inskeep & Renee Montagne, I wish NPR had used better decision-making skills.
Please don't tell NPR I said that.

-Two numbers total 96 when added together. One is three times as large as the other. What are the numbers?

-Let's just say that the "readership poll" didn't really turn out the way I thought.
Oh, 'the way I thought' was that more than 7 people read my blog.
So, thanks liz, spoon, molly, allie, eric, kelly and ren. You guys are the best. Sniff sniff.

-I'm over that now.

-I used to have a weird thing for knowing about all the different Gore-Tex parkas on the market. I don't have that thing anymore.


Eric said...

Not only do I actually read your ramblings, but I even subscribe to your RSS feed so that I'm instantly distracted from what I'm doing to read about your plant lady. I'm definitely getting up there on your list of best friends ever.

emilie said...

you 'subscribe' to my blog?
lol! that's amazing.

Anonymous said...

Your quote about following your dreams to a "shitty shitty place" is the best thing ever. Ok, not EVER, but still pretty good.

The two numbers are 27 and 72.

Oh, and WHEN are you coming to Boston?


Anonymous said...

Oops typo., I meant 24 and 72, My bad. Now I just look dumb.