This weekend I was asked what kind of music I liked. This isn't an odd question at all, but for some reason my answer seems odd to almost all of my inquisitors: everything.

Do I really have to "prove" that this reply is legitimate by rattling off some indie bands or talk about the production circle between Dan 'the Automater' Nakamura, Prince Paul and everyone in between?
Or note how ironically tortured Beethoven was when he composed his joyful Symphony No. 9?
Or explain the juxtaposition of traditional slave song and Celtic folk that is bluegrass music?
I don't feel like I should have to, but too many times have I either encountered a surprised face or a skeptical one.
Does this make me spineless? Unable to form my own opinions about music? Does it even matter if you think I'm an big fat liar for liking everything?

and no,

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