the principle of it all

We have a plant lady here at Triumph D.
I have asked her, everytime she's in on her weekly watering/pruning, if she could please get me an aloe plant for my office space, and everytime she says yes.

This has been going on for,
5 months.

The aloe plant is not that important.
I mean, yes, it's an important plant,
but no it's not important for me to have one right this second goddammit.
But, I mean, come on, Jan. Your only job is to go to offices, water their plants, and successfully fulfill new-plant orders.

And I understand if it's not aloe season.
It could very well be the exact opposite time of year in which aloe and aloe plants are harvested. Also could just simply not available to the community as a whole at this current time.

I also understand if you keep forgetting the aloe plant.
I'm sure you see a lot of people whose flora needs are above those of mine.

I also understand if you hate me because I slept with your husband and then stuffed your kitty in the laundry chute.

But still.
It's your job.

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Spooner said...

I love you em.
I hope the aloe plant will help with that rash. If not, I'll cut a tube off my neosporin plant and ship it your way.
Speaking of rashes, maybe you should get a poison ivy plant that she'll have to water. That's pure evil.
Don't mess with me.