i saw modest mouse last night and it was very disappointing.


Enrique said...

Was it because they were bad live? Or was it because most of their music isn't that good? Oh yeah, I went there.

withknivesout said...

"most of their music isn't that good" - Are you insane? the last two albums, the moon and antartica & good news for people who love bad news have both been strong through and through. good news has nary a weak track. pssshaw to you!

rjb said...

What's up Em? Quite a long time since the days of old C-town lore...anyway, hope all is well in...dc is it? I got your blog name from friendster...sorry that I don't check it often.


emilie said...

randy brenneman! wow! it's funny b/c i'm in c-love as we speak..lol...it's still the same except for all of these new truck distribution thingies!
i'll def. be checking on your blog now that i know it exists:)

cool cool

oh, and eric/dan: the concert was not good because
a) it was in the DAR constitutional hall, which is a stiff auditorium/seat set up
b) everyone there was 'too' obsessed w/ isaac brock...like, in an annoying way where everything he did somehow warranted a standing ovation (by the way...does being able to pick one simple song on the banjo automatically make you the best thing since sliced bread?? it's like all of these 20 year olds have never heard of bluegrass and all of a sudden one guy thinks he's some indie rock iconoclast because the banjo is 'different')
c) bad sound/acoustics
d) bobcat goldwaith-like screaming/seizure-inducing instrumentals combined with point C
e) annoying girls behind me who were only there, it seemed, due to "cute, indie-guy hotness" of isaac brock