a first

I have never said something like this before, but
Crash is the best movie I have ever seen in my entire life


E said...

Why? I don't even know what it's about..

E said...

Why? I don't even know what it's about..bout..

withknivesout said...

i dunno. i thought it was a good movie, but i thought that sandra bullocks character sucked. she didnt nail it like everyone else did. i did like matt dillon's character though. he eally showed the dicotomy we can have within our minds about issues. fantastic. but overall, so so.

Monty said...

You didn't think you'd get away with saying something like that, did you?

Crash is not the best movie you've ever seen in your entire life (I'll forgive the redundancy).
Unless you've never seen Godfather 1 or 2, Citizen Kane, Casablanca, the Graduate, Schindler's List, Chinatown, Jaws, Pulp Fiction, 8 1/2, The Seven Samurai, or many other films.

emilie said...

Even though Bullock's character didn't 'nail it,' I still give her performance an 'A.' I think hers was the most challenging role--to be just a rich white lady with an ingrained, blase and unfocused xenophobia. Everything she was supposed to do would naturally look 'clichee-ish' because that's what happens when you try to portray her very-realistic archtype on screen.
I chose to see that minor detail as inherent rather than a flaw.

I have seen 'many other films,' thank-you-very-much.
(I mean, c'mon.)
However, none of those films had me in contant tears...of joy, anger, sadness, relief and gratitude...like "Crash."
I agree that there are a slew of other more cinemetographically-progressive films (and their makers) Pulp Fiction, Lola Rennt, Requiem for a Dream, Royal Tenenbaums, etc.
Additionally, there are possibly more 'touching/meaningful' SINGLE storylines: Monster, Dancer in the Dark, Schindler's List, the Graduate.
But for some reason, Crash just really touched me on a lot of fronts (yeah yeah yeah). It showed both
humans' respect/compassion for one another and, at the same exact time, the complete lack thereof. and the consequences of each.

I've never been so completely engrossed and emotionally affected by what's on the screen as when I saw this movie.

I'm a complete sap for the way humans treat eachother--what can I say?

withknivesout said...

you could say that your opinion on movies will be ignored from now on....

he he...

emilie said...


shut up dan;)