Q: que hora en mi corazón?

-Manu Chao

A: "It's five o'clock somewhere"
-Alan Jackson

As many of you know, I'm in a relationship that just so happened to pass the two-year mark. On one hand, whoop-dee-fucking-do (as my mom would so aptly state. I think she's a nihilist). But on another, I've been thinking more and more about what it is that I need (or atleast 'think' I need) in a relationship and, thus, from another person.
In the haze that is figuring out onesself (especially when you're a gemini, which I am, because you'll come to a conclusion one day and a different one the next), I think I have a somewhat clear idea of what kinds of things will win my heart for eternity, if that's at all possible:

-The Ability To Pick Up After Onesself:
For the record, this does not mean "be a neat freak or possess other OCD-like qualities." However, I think it boils down to something to do with self respect. Again, my geminitic impulses want to hit backspace through that whole previous sentence because I quickly question whether I have the right to define properties of self respect (self respect for someone else could mean rejecting this fuddy-duddy notion).
But, for me, I have pretty much concluded that Picking Up After Onesself entails an awareness of one's surroundings, one's impact on them, and one's impact on others in said surroundings. It's also something I was brought up to do. Simply put, things have places and we should put them there.

-The Ability To Listen To Me, And, Furthermore, Understand My Point Of View:
For some reason, I've been blessed (cursed?) with the ability to comprehend what anyone says, ever. Except when what the person is saying is based on the ridiculous notion that I don't understand what they are saying. Get it?
Perhaps it's because I'm the oldest child and therefore I had to communicate with both my parents and my younger brother. Or maybe my parents raised me a bit too adult-ish, choosing to reason with me rather than order me around. Or perhaps it's that gemini thing again; I just have so many personalities that I have to understand ones not pertaining to myself. Crazy!
I dunno. But it's the way I am and I really like it when others can be the same way. Thankfully, I think all of my friends happen to be this way.

-The Ability To Be Up For Anything, Anytime, Anywhere:
I am a self-proclaimed triple-A kind of gal.
Wanna get a bite to eat at The Diner? OK!
How about going running? Sounds like fun!
Naked? Even better!
How does playing hide and seek at midnight sound? Like fun!
Wanna just sit here doing nothing? Cool!

-The Ability To Hang Out With My Friends When I'm Not There

-The Ability (And Desire) To Complete A Power-Hour:
In fact, what would seal it is if one endured the labor pains that entail making a Power Hour mix tape. That would show me that
A) one enjoys a heavy swizzle session now and then
B) one is creative and, for certain events, can be detail-oriented
C) one at least knows 60 fun drinking songs ("fun" is a very open-ended term)

So, there one has it. It's not much and there are probably others. Additionally, some might leave my list of amorous assets if I think too hard about it all.


-The Ability To Think Too Hard And Also To Not Think Too Hard About Things

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