readership poll

hey there, blog-readin' buds!

as the 6-month anniversary of em approaches, I've been wondering a few things:
-does anyone care what I'm talking about
-if so, how many people

Thus I have a small favor to ask you, special friend. It's like REALLY small considering all the 'hard work' I put in to possibly entertaining/amusing you (or boring, or angering...).

So, if you read this, please leave a comment with:
-your initials
-when you think going commando is appropriate, if at all.

I will take a blogging break as the results trickle in (probably very slowly).

-personally, I'm without undies most of the time. except never (OK, rarely) with skirts and never-ever if I'm riding my robotic stegosaurus-camel, Buckwheat II.
And never-ever-ever during that 'time.'

ps-I'm not worried about the results of this poll b/c it's not like I'm racking in the comments anyway


Lizzie said...

You're right, I do owe you this much. I've been reading your blog faithfully since Spooner referenced a post a few months back. So thank you, here are is my response to your itty bitty favor:

-I go commando most of the time when I'm home relaxing, especially in pj's. I agree with always always during that "time" and with skirts, unless you're dressed up for a fancy party. (Then the rule is "no panties." I hate that term, but it must be done...ask Spooner for details.) I can't bring myself to go commando in regular pants, especially jeans...but I don't find it inappropriate.

Anonymous said...

-em, commando is the way to go. Bras and "undies" get in the way most of, if not all the time. There are exceptions though...Thanks for the birthday wishes. Before you slowly recede from continually updating "em" could you please critique the changing media and how you feel about satellite radio. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I say, let loose! Just don't let the conservatives know. -kjb

Spooner said...

-SSS (if I'd been a boy it woulda been CSS IV)
-Commando: especially in the summer, especially in PJs. When you live in a tent and the closest washer/dryer is a good 30-mile trek, clothes are used sparingly. And never to a party. Or a formal. Or after kayaking.

Anonymous said...


I like to sleep commando style. Other than that it happens only when I run out of laundry

Ren said...


- Whatever feels good or blows your skirt up. Or, well. Hmm. Yeah.

(ps: So, I managed to find you blog, I think through AIM (I know, I know); I read it from time to time, checking in when I'm at work. I don't have to be all that productive in my current job, obviously.

allie said...

akk (formerly aek)
i check in for my dose of Em a few times a week, for inspiration for my own blog (which is failing miserably of its readership of 1.2)
oh yeah; commando is FUN with skirts, em--you should try sometime! ;) of course with pjs and lounging, unless, as em points out, "moon time" is here. and never with jeans!

Eric said...

Hey look.. commando made it into the dictionary! http://www.reuters.com/newsArticle.jhtml?type=oddlyEnoughNews&storyID=8745073&src=rss/oddlyEnoughNews