blogs, the complete irreverance thereof

How did it come to this?
How did the blog become such a contentious place?
I am weeping like a ill-wrapped wound.

Maybe it's cause we bloggers are, by nature, abrasive and crispy characters. Who else would come up with some idea, think it's good enough to write about, and then get offended when flaws are pointed out by other bloggers? Yet we don't think twice when we're the offenders.

Somehow, this has crossed the fun line. You know, the fun line.

I propose a cyber-space peace treaty, whereas you and I don't feel the need to say how dumb the other person's blog is, or how it's false, or how my topics and postings aren't that great (when compared to yours), or how you erroneously spelled stegosaurus.

Unless this actually is fun to you.

Who's with me?

If this is silly to you--or simply not your bag--just stop navigating to my page and we'll leave it at that.

But I'm done, cause this is stupid.
And my feewings are hurt.


Monty said...


Merry said...

this truce is an interesting proposal. i, however, am going to have to ignore it since your blog has done nothing but attack me since it's blirth.

and after that last post i think i might even need a blandaid.

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