grow up, DCist

From the DCist's recent article, "In-Nat-equate":
Well, Nats fans, what's there to say? What can we add to the criticism leveled by so many others?
What can we say about an opening week where the Nats have yet to lead for a single pitch? When the pitching has spotted the opposition leads of 6-0, 6-0, 5-0, 4-0, 7-0, 6-0, and 3-0? When the lineup needed 30 at bats to finally get a hit with a man in scoring position? When the defense has a worst-in-the-league eight errors?

This article makes me sad. Boo hoo. How, in our nation's capital, are you actually THIS fickle that you cannot enjoy America's original pastime??? I lived in D.C. when the Nats came to town and spent three hours on eBay trying to get opening day tickets. The daughter of a career officer, I had never had baseball in my life before, and I welcomed the chance to root for the home team and follow the boys through ups and downs. Even though a year later I had moved across the country to San Francisco, I still get excited when the Grapefruit League starts and my Google "Nats" Alerts roll in by the dozens each week. Well, except when crap like this comes to my inbox and I wonder how people like the author are able to enjoy life when they're so focused on the negative and can't just sit back and enjoy what it means to be a fan.


Monty said...

I imagine that most Nats fans are just disenfranchised O's fans. Jokes on them, I guess.

emilie said...

Well, first of all, I'm not sure that the Nats coming to D.C. can be accurately referred to as "depriving of the rights of citizenship" [definition of disenfranchisement] of Oriole fandom. I.e., just because they came to town, doesn't mean O's fans were not allowed to be O's fans anymore.
Therefore, any "switching" was a proactive measure by said O's fan, rather than a usurption of their fanship.

Secondly, I guess anyone silly enough to "switch" teams just because a new one came to town deserves a joke such as that new team not doing very well.

Your referral to Nats fandom as a "joke," however, is unwarranted...and I'm sure that if someone referred to your pre-World-Series BoSox as a joke, you wouldn't be laughing either.