WTF thursday

Welcome to what probably will be just another short-lived/failed attempt at a weekly posting..."WTF thursday." As you may have noticed, the only regular posting I make is "misc. wednesday," and even that has become "sort of" irregular.

So I'm going to try, every Thursday, to come up with some things that I think warrant my generation's version of "gee williker!"

Here goes...but don't hold your breath.

OK, hold your breath.

Well, actually I don't care what you do.

-When I was growing up my dad was deployed. A lot. So when I saw THIS in the news today, I finally realized why today, at 25, I'm still coping with the emotional-distance issues between me and him. Seriously, if only I had a flat daddy growing up, I could have had many more of those intimate father-daughter conversations that make most of my peers so close to their dads. I feel gypped.

-I still haven't heard from Jeopardy!

-Who knew that turning your back to fill out some paperwork would result in the death of hundreds of people?

-So long, Gutenberg: Our generation's version of the printing press.

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Look Out Kid said...

It's interesting that you got that "Flat Daddy" story from the
Boston Globe, coz I think that I heard it on All Things Considered.

Also, I too purchased a road bike recently for bombing around town and getting to work. Mine's a retro three-speed, and I totally dig it. Something about cruising around on vintage equipment makes it more fun.


P.S. I was delighted to find not one, but two updates since I last checked ;)