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-All of my U.S.-residing life I have listened (at first, reluctantly and later, enthusiastically) to NPR. Many of you know that at more than one point in my life, I may have been an unhealthily-avid listener. But for some reason, now that I work at one of the country's pivotal NPR stations, I have pretty much zero desire to tune in (or, rather, push this button on my desk telephone that lets us listen). Additionally, the lack of a driving commute and at-home stereo prevents me from listening to two of my favorite shows: Morning Edition and All Things Considered. So while my occupational life is steeped in all-things-public radio (do you know how many times I have to email NPR or PRI or American Public Media on a weekly basis because they can't write clear program information?? They should be ashamed of themselves), I have been missing that feeling of excitement-through-listening for a few months now....and I don't know how I feel about it.

-On a related note, I am absolutely addicted to Hot108Jamz on iTunes Radio. I think I've heard Chamillionaire's "Ridin'" ("they see me rollin'/they hatin'/patrollin' they trynna catch me ridin' dirty) three times already today.

-I am finally facing what was previously only the potential situation of frequently running into my ex-girlfriend. Nicole is from the Bay Area and has been living back here only a few months since after I made the move myself. In my mind there are no "territories," but then again, I am semi-naive about that kind of thing...which doesn't work when there might be potential for the other person to go territorial on you. And having a current girlfriend who I love very much, Leah, but also Nicole now living only a few streets away and being tangentially...tangent...to the social scene I find myself in, well...it's definitely an interesting tightrope to now be walking and a list of priorities to potentially have to soon be making. For now I am trying to just be my normal, naive self and have fun with the people I like. But I sense that the real world will soon descend upon my pollyanna ass.

-Diamonds on my neck, diamonds on my grill.

-I guess I should release a thought that has been weighing on my mind for more than a month now, and which I can hardly contain sometimes during my current workday: I really, really want to work at Google. (I've had a phone interview so far).
Google, if you're out there because you got this blog address from my writing portfolio, please know that I'd be the best damn online editor you've ever brought on board.

-I recently bought my first road bike (which I previously called the ram-handle-bike-thingy). It's a classic (I guess) red Bianchi ten-speed with the shifter tabs on the down tube (that tube that goes from front to back in a diagonally-downward motion). And I LOVE it! I've only had it about a week and already I'm addicted. It opens up so much of San Francisco for exercising...or even just cruisin' around. As a runner, I could only make it so far before my knees decided they were, in fact, 70 years old, and I would have to turn around. But now I can actually go all throughout the Golden Gate Park, down to the ocean, up to the bay, over the GG Bridge and up the Marin Headlands, or even around the East Bay hills. It's great!

-I also joined the Y. I love the Y....there's something about little kids and senior citizens alike accompanying you in your quest for physical fitness that makes it so much better than Gold's Gym. Especially getting out of the pool because one of these groups made a poop.
Just kidding...that doesn't happen at the Embarcadero Y.

-'Member last year how you helped me to raise all that money and I ran that marathon? Well my good friend Christine is doing the same thing this year...and if you have a spare ten or twomp, send it her way via (that's Spanish [and Latin] for "way"):
http://www.active.com/donate/tntnca04/LeMieux Even though I already think you're pretty cool, I'll think you're .09% cooler if you gave her some moolah.

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Sarah Annie said...

Google posted several jobs yesterday in the Find a Job section of minonline.com. Check it out.