darcy o'brien

When someone so young passes her time on Earth, I think it hits every single person right smack in the heart with the fact.
That life is precious.

Even though Darcy was not my immediate friend, Colleen and her family were integral to my life since I first plopped down in Carlisle. Their steadfast and down-home hospitality, friendship, and support were unprecedented blessings after having grown up constantly on the move, and I've never lost my gratitude for how they have enriched my life.

And so I grieve hard, but simply, for the loss of Darcy.

I simply cannot imagine how it must feel to lose your daughter.
I simply cannot imagine what is like to have your only sibling taken away from you.
And I simply cannot fathom losing your best friend, just as your adult lives were taking off and you were going in different directions with different ambitions.
Knowing that you would always have your best friends by your side--step by step--until the day was done.

And suddenly that day comes for one of you.

To Colleen, Mr. and Mrs. O'Brien, and the rest of the O'Brien family and Darcy's friends--many of whom are also my own best friends' younger sisters--
I am so, so sorry for your loss and I offer my deepest sympathy and love for you during this time.
You are in my thoughts and heart.

"And so we know we're all right;
life will come and life will go.
Still we feel it's all right
cause someone gets a letter to your soul.
When your whole life is on the tip of your tongue,
empty pages for the no longer young,
the apathy of time laughs in our face...

Each life has its place."

-IG, 'virginia woolf'

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