misc. wednesday!

-Congratulations to Ms. Leigh Carter, who today got a job. All I have to say is it's about freaking time someone hired your smart and talented ass!

-I really should work on eating more slowly. I just killed that whole thing in like 5 minutes.

-5 favorite local foods and who introduced me to them:
1) super bean & cheese burrito from Papalote (me)
2) an It's It ice cream thingy from the corner store (leah)
3) chicken wings from Capital in Chinatown (karen)
4) falafel deluxe from Truly Med (nicole)
5) the cheap beer that keeps showing up in our fridge (?)

-At the current time, I'm not affiliated with AudioLuxe. The details aren't important, but I just wanted to "announce" that, so when you hear about me volunteering/taking up new activities/etc. you don't think I'm completely crazy for doing a "billion things."

-On that note, I'm really excited about starting a second life as a volunteer. More to come, I'm sure.

-Kelli Johnson was a damn good friend; she is still missed greatly.

-I'm really enjoying this nice weather (70s & sunny), but it's weird not having to have earned it by enduring months of gray winter. Don't fuck with me, California.

-Places I want to go in the next five years:
1) Oktoberfest (beer + Germany = ja voll)
2) Hawai'i (it's so close!)
3) Anywhere in Latin America already...jeez!
4) Yosemite NP
5) grad school

-"3 Feet High and Rising" is still one of the best albums ever made.

Today's Compare and Contrast:
-I think I prefer four-tined to three-tined, forks.
Why? Well, when it comes to tines, it's all in the food-stabbing ability. Obviously the fourth tine allows for a broader bite than one with just three. That's obvious.
In addition, I find my eating is more assertive when I eat with a four-tined fork. With three, it's like, the food could just jump off the plate and eat me! That's not a way to enjoy one's dinner.
Oh yeah, and a four-tined fork makes a more muted "dook" sound if it actually finds its way to the plate without having caught any food. Which sometimes happens. Sometimes I miss the food on the plate. The last thing I need is a fork that's always pointing it out.
To three-tined fork's credit, though, at least it's better than a spork.
OK, well, a three-pronged spork.

-Mr. Cheney:
Love hurts and all, but at least Ennis didn't shoot him.


allie said...

thats ALL you could do w/ the cheney fiasco?! (distant chanting) give..us..more!!...give..us..more!!
you say spork, i say foon...whatever it is, it doesn't hold a candle to the 5 tined fork (they're out there, really! the SUV of american eating)
i think its funny that grad school is a far 5th after "anywhere" in latin america.

emilie said...

Hehe, Allie, hehe. Notice the places aren't ranked. For example, I'm going to HI this summer.

Are you even paying attention, goddammit?

:) love ya, babes!