an update

So I haven't been too good at blogging for the past month or two; what with moving and all, it's been a bit hard to sit down and think of some good posts.
I'm definitely starting to feel the creative daily-life observation juices flowing once again, but in the meantime, here's a brief update.

-The XC trip went fantabulously...definitely one of the best times of my life! Karen (college friend and a current roommate) and I decided to see This Great Nation--or as much as we could fit in 10 days, and mission accomplished. Starting in her hometown of Buffalo/Niagara Falls, we headed west, staying in Chicago, Mnpls/St. Paul, the Badlands, Boulder, Moab, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, LA and finally up the coast to the City by the Bay.
You can see pictures from the trip here.
One of the conclusions I made after the trip was that we live in an awesome country.

-I'm working at KQED as web audio/on-air promotions; I put KQED's shows on our Web site and I write the announcements that the on-air guy reads about upcoming shows.
This is my day job, and so far it is kicking ass as such.

-We are making mucho progress with AudioLuxe, the non-profit radio production company I helped/am helping co-found. This weekend we went to a conference in LA on portable media and made a lot of head way; we also found out that no one else is doing what we're doing and that is a nice feeling.

Besides that, daily SF life is great. Our apartment is cheery and fun...my roommates are fellow East-coasters, so there's none of the California sissy-pants tiptoeing around feelings thing.*
The neighborhood is awesome; in the Mission but slightly up the hill and a short walk from beautiful Dolores park. And, of course, there's tons to do and discover, people to meet and things to learn, which is what generally makes life life.
Life's good--come visit anytime.

*The California sissy-pants tiptoeing around feelings thing is actually a real thing, thus worthy of note in this post. It is a weird thing, not good or bad, just weird, and can take its toll on you if you are from the more-thick-skinned parts of the country outside of California. I will probably have a post on just this topic in the near future.


allie said...

ems, great pics, thanks for sharing. brings good memories here, too. its easy to lose some of our cynicism when we do something like that.
i'm so proud of you and that kick-ass marathon!!! you are so amazing and a great inspiration.
miss you and glad your blog is back up and running!

Brian Hagedorn said...

Great pictures Emilie!