blog launch!

Hello, Dear Reader.
I have decided to create a secondary blog.
It is more of a 'rant-and-rave' space than anything else.

Due to my Gemini nature, I wanted to keep all of that separate from the work I do here at emilie. In this way, I can feel a little bit of distance from my more-confident self who is able to form an actual opinion once in a while, and be able to continue functioning as the girl you are more familiar with: the one who gives equal weight to all points of view and feels guilty if she gives her two cents and, not only that, but immediately feels a change of heart and feels like she just shouldn't have said anything in the first place, but then after that realizes she's probably being too hard on herself (she's not quite sure, though) and feels glad she said something, but then recognizes it might have come out wrong (not 100%, though) and then doesn't know what to do so she just thinks of something inappropriate and laughs out loud and moves on.

I can also be judgmental there (not "mean"...just judgmental!), which is better for society as a whole because then I can just get it all out of my system instead of subjecting loved ones to my impulsive-conclusions which I sometimes mask as "honesty."
(See "Lives" at the end of this past Sunday's NYTimes magazine for more details on that concept.)

Perhaps one day I will be able to merge these two and not feel guilty about it. For now, though, it's best to keep them separate. And please realize that they both come from the same loving and compassionate heart.

Oh, and feel free to join in...it is a safe space to rant and rave about anything.
Just remember, it's mine.
So in the end, I'm always gonna be right.





allie said...

was that a convoluted apology for having an opinion?? ems, you know i'd at least love you no matter what you said on the blog. i say, take down your hair and merge!!

emilie said...