misc. wednesday

This will update as the day continues...

-After 10 years of wanting to do so, last night I finally got to tell Emily Saliers 'thank you.' She is my personal hero.

-The Golden Rule rarely works for me. If it did, I'd see more respect and compassion from others.

-However, I will still treat those others with respect and compassion until the day I die.

-I am so happy Uchenna and Joyce (husband and wife) won The Amazing Race! Not only because Boston Rob and Amber are schmucks and Ron and Kelley are just plain idiots, but because U & J kept a positive mindset during the whole thing, and it's good to see that pay off.
$1 million to be exact.

-I think I would win The Amazing Race, no matter who my partner was.

-Sometimes I really miss driving. I love driving and singing.

-I'm glad I'm not petrol-dependent right now.

-Arianna Huffington has a blog now. It's not as good as ours, though. In fact, I think it kind of sucks.
If I'm going to read some lady's take on things, I'd rather it be Ann Coulter's. At least it's interesting.

-The Mountain Goats recently came to town. I passed up the opportunity to see them.
Not because I don't like their music; actually, I've yet to hear them.
It's just that knew it I wouldn't be able to enjoy it at this time. I know my limits.

-I've found that adding goat cheese and/or avocado to any meal will make it 6-7 times better, depending on what the meal is in the first place.

-I hate the terms "chick rock" and "bleeding vagina music."
Not only is the latter offensive (see: genital mutilation), but
if you were part of a population who had been marginalized for centuries and you finally found widespread liberty of creative power and voice, only to still be marginalized by
male-dominated social thought, you'd be a little angry, too.
Then only to have your anger be written off by the nomenclature above...
Sheesh, give the gals a break.
I'm not sayin' it's all good music or that it can't be joked about, but there's a reason for it and it's OK to understand that.
Plus, it just takes a little weeding through to find the good stuff.

-On a similar note, I know some guys who could definitely work on getting in touch with their feminine side.
Yes, you have one.

-I've had no reason to complain about anything in quite a while now.

-The Ford Foundation is going to give millions of dollars to NPR and PBS in the next year.
That makes NPR's biggest recent funders McDonald's and Ford Motors. Hmmm...
I guess that's OK.

-I have somehow managed to get the best people as my friends. For that I am truly bless-ed.

-A friend recently told me "I'd love to be a vegetarian; it's just that I hate vegetables."
I think you could fill in 'vegetarian' and 'vegetables' with any other two related things and this statement could be one way of explaining human nature:
fear/hatred of what we could be.*

-I believe understanding one's feelings is fundamental to clear decision making and, ultimately, understanding one's self. Dan thinks there's no need to understand one's feelings because he believes they are fleeting and distractionary apparitions. Perhaps they are fleeting (not distractionary), but I still think I'm right about what to do with them.

-I'm looking very forward to Friday's happy hour and Nats game! $4 pitchers of ML & seeing the home team...what could be better?

Oh yeah, respect and compassion from others.

-It's a beautiful day!

*This doesn't apply to everyone, myself included. It's just one possiblity of many.


allie said...

you're so damn cute emilie! it sounds like you are so happy with life right now. so happy for you :)
i agree with UandJ. they are such a fabulous couple and quality people. they made the AR7 by far the best season.

withknivesout said...

i have to say, these types of posts are the best!