1). the concert. watching a group of dorks on stage playing their melodies, singing their tales, living their lives, I felt that energy they exuded-- confirming within me that I, too, can take my life anywhere I want it to go.

...excepting fate's mighty gusts, which may very well lead me into a belly of a whale.

It would be scary, but I think I'd make it out OK.

I mean, I've made it this far.

2). Colin Meloy and I are friendster friends

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Jesse said...

Glad the Decemberists show was a good one. I'd have loved to see them, but I was in sunny Mexico. I just picked up Picaresque, though I haven't had much of a chance to listen to it yet. The few songs I have heard left a good taste in my mouth. Perhaps I'll play the whole darn album after work today.