event horizon

I'm unusually ecstatic at the current moment because I just acquired Nats opening day tickets for a very reasonable price--$40 each!
(The only drawback is that Dubya might mistake all of our hats for another "mandate." Look for the Ten Commandments in your grocer's freezer).

This tops off my recent spree of ticket-getting. Other upcoming events I will be attending:
-aesop rock
-handsome boy modeling school
-the decemberists
-a lecture by emily saliers (50% of the indigo girls) and her dad (a minister) on music in religion and religion in pop culture
-alison krauss & union station

DC is turning out to be not all that lame!


Monty said...

If you say so.

withknivesout said...

opening day is the awesomest day!

one year my brother saw the Reds opener and Big John McSherry, the home plate ump, died of a heart attack during the game. awesome, huh?

emilie said...

i did 'say so'.
i won't blame you for such a lame response...i'm sure it was the jealousy talkin'.

i forgot to mention the cherry blossom festival and, in general, beautiful springtime! yay!