monday's thoughts

I was thinking about blogs today and I realized that I might not like them that much.
I mean, there's something about not knowing what someone's up to for a long time, and then spending a good hour catching up in real life.
The blog kind of takes the magic out of long-distant friendships.
Plus, who gives a crap what I'm talking about anyway??
that's about it.

Oh, and I got a huge tax refund. That was cool.

Oh, and the Nats are 500. Is that the right term?

Oh, and "irregardless" is now in the dictionary. Touche.

Oh, and I got accepted into the DC Teaching Fellows and was also offered a docket clerk job at the DC courts but turned both down in order to move to San Francisco in January to help my friend/former radio producer-boss start a non profit radio production company and launch a new radio show which I have no idea will be successful (I think it will) but it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity so I couldn't pass it up and I know I want to be a teacher but this came up at the last minute and will only enrich my life, thus making me a better teacher in the future so I guess I'm kind of nervous having turned down such a good opportunity but in the end I think it will all work out and I'm happy with my decision and the chance to create something from scratch and be a part of such an innovative idea so we'll see how it goes, huh, and until then I'll be a receptionist but with a higher purpose always with a higher purpose and that's the way my life is feeling right now--on the up and up--i'm gonna go ahead and run in the marine corps marathon in october i decided that i couldn't be inactive anymore so i said fuck it i miss running and that's that because there's something about running that i couldn't leave, even after two years of not running i still felt a void oh and i think spring is here and i've never felt so excited for spring, for the warmth, for the life which i feel right now and i think i'm done with both this post-grad funk and this funky post peace out and have a marvellous day


Josh said...

hey hey..nice blog. i think you meant the Nets, not nats :)
i am getting a decent tax refund too. woo woo! finally!
nice blog by the way. i enjoyed reading some of it.
come check out mine sometime.

emilie said...

Thanks...guy. I actually did mean Nats. They're my new baseball team. Good luck buying a house.

oh yeah-
who are you?

Monty said...

In honor of your post, I went out and bought a Nets hat. Shit, I hate the Nets.

Actually, I threw an 0-2 curveball at the fellow working the Lids register at the mall when I asked for a Senator's cap. I was going to go all out and explain how the D.C. baseball team used to be called the Senators and how it's such an ironic name... alas.

By the by, it's .500, as is 50%.

By the by the by, I don't think blogs are "about" people giving a crap about what you half to say, rather they're a soapbox for us wannabe political pundits who aren't giving speeches at the Academy Awards. Y'a know, first amendment and all that?

So keep up the good work, Em. You're more interesting than Sean Penn.

Merry said...

i heart emilie, her blog, and that one shirt that she has...

allie said...

hey emmie, they may be narcissistic and pointless, but they are fun and they DO bring long-distance friends together! i am thrilled for you that you got that position out on the west coast--you're right, a once-in-a-lifetime--but i will miss you knowing you're out there again! in the meantime, we must set a date to meet up! we're too close to not get together! ((HUGS))