OK people. What the fuck?
I've recently seen advertisements for bread and marriage.

Again, that's BREAD and MARRIAGE.


Monty said...

I don't get it. I think you're too indie for me.

Anonymous said...

We used to have Bread & Circus grocery stores here... is that similar? We don't have them anymore since Whole Foods came along and gobbled all the 'Circuses up... Whole Foods. That's the worst name. Ok, not the worst- Partial Foods wins that one.

PS Henceforth I will use the word "circi" for the plural of "circus."


emilie said...

-Monty: The point is, how ridiculous is an ad for bread? How about marriage?

-Kellison: Funny you mention "circi." My grandparents named their old boat "circe," which was a name of an enchantess in Greek mythology who turned sailors into swine.

They've named their new boat "Jimani" because my grandpapa's name is Jim and my grandmere's a Gemini.
And I'm done talking about my grandparents.

Spooner said...

Bread and Marriage?
Well they do make, market and sell bottled water, and have something called an oxygen bar (do they ID you there?) so I guess that is just the next step.
What's the slogan for marriage anyway? "Marriage: do it cuz your gay brother can't" or maybe "Marriage: It's better than being that crazy cat lady." Either would work, in my opinion.