mi amigos

I was just about to post a comment in response to Spooner's recent post "Kid Fears" (by the way, you get a Ping hat if you know the reference), but I thought it might be better if I reply publically right here so that you all can learn yet something else about me.
Oh, what fun.

I just wrote a long, droning post, but then deleted it.
Basically what I want to say is that I learned the concept of friendship from my parents (who didn't ever have those close family friends next door) and the Army (emilie meet so-and-so. Become good friends with them. Now say bye because we're moving!)
So in conclusion, sorry for being such a weird friend sometimes and you're welcome for being such a good friend at other times.

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Spooner said...

You can't do that to me! I got all excited to hear your thoughts, then you cut me down. I've never felt so used and dirty...
Seriously, I'd love to know what you were thinking.
Also: Sorry if I can be a crappy friend--you are worth so much better.