-Mischa Barton is hot! (and yes, I would say that anyway)
-I might move to the Bay Area in the fall to help my friend start a non-profit organization and a radio show. What the hell? I was just about to be either a docket clerk or a DC teaching fellow!
-I want to become a Nationals fan but I don't support the current stadium project plan. I also don't like the "W" logo.
-I wonder if these vitamins are still potent. It says "fresh until Aug 2004"--but vitamins are really expensive and this bottle is still more than half full.
-Today I'm going to try the daily crossword on the "master skill level" setting.
-Why don't my bosses ever invite me to lunch? I look pretty today. They went to McCormick & Schmicks.
-On a similar note, I wonder if my bosses will notice a missing portion of their Belvedere vodka.
-I believe in myself today, but don't know what to do about it.


Monty said...

C'mon, the "W" is great! It's so... classic.

Areca said...

Your last sentiment is too funny. Maybe the next time you believe in yourself, you should ask your bosses to lunch.