Ahoy hoy! (ftop)
Land ho! (ftop)
Tif me, and I've returned from a nonexiftence of odd jobf and variouf geographief (ftop)
...decided to tofs anchor in thefe feaf of poft-grad uncertainty and create me own "blogfpot" (ftop)
...So no matter where I go, or where you don't, I'll alwayf be here and fo will you. (go)

*This message and subsequent commencement of this blog was inspired by many things which may or may not include:
my friends, 826 Valencia SF CA, my second grade teacher (Mrs. Flohr), lil kim, R. Dahl, my boring job which provides me with a nice computer, rwmonty (calm down), this shirt I'm wearing and anything else that thinks it has a right to exist. Because it does.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Dear coal mine,

Um, like, I don't get it.

Its me again, here to invade your life in yet another way. you cannot excape my grasp - mmmmwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaha haaaa haaaaaaa ha h.
(picture evil wide eyed head tilted down scary face)

Love, your very un cool, very secret admirist.