it's true what they say about assumptions...

Please, can anyone give me one example in which an assumption that was made that was:
A) correct
2) healthy
III) productive

and, last but not least....


It's really frustrating living in a world where assumptions drive everything. Assumptions are...NOT FACTS. So WHAT THE EFF are we doing running around basing everything off of assumptions? If NASA built a spaceship and assumed it worked, that would be ridiculous. The same logic applies in life.

So why do we live our lives, do our jobs, engage in relationships (friends, family, whatever), eat our food, vote for candidates -- everything -- based on assumptions? Assumptions produce every single negative thing I can think of.

It makes no sense to me and I fear that I am doomed and/or cursed to tread water in a world driven by assumptions.

That's all. Happy Thursday.


Anonymous said...

WTF are you talking about??

emilie said...

Dear Anonymous:

Wasn't it obvious that I was talking about assumptions? Making assumptions = bad. On every level, bad. Just wish people could operate on a less-assumptive basis and not bring their BS into things so much. Because why does one's BS really have to be a factor? Things would be a lot simpler if folks operated on a face-value basis.

Not talking about a specific occurrence...did you ASSUME I was??