misc. wednesday

Well THAT was a long hiatus!

-all the hoopla in my life right now stems from the World Series. I think, though, and at the expense of being dumped by my Beantown-born girlfriend, that the Sox have a tall order ahead of them (see: Starks' ESPN article from today for more substantive analysis than I could ever give) and could probably end up losing. The good thing is that at least the Sox regain their underdog status heading into the Big Run according to the info given in Starks' piece.
My own prediction lies not in who will win, but how they will win: if the Rox lose, they'll be in such shock that they probably wouldn't be able to recover. If they win, however, it will keep up their amazingly-victorious momentum to drive them to a sweep-like routing of the Sox.

- One of my favorite movie sequences:
Clark: "I can't wait to meet our relatives, in person." "Dipplestrabe." "What are we looking for?"
Audrey: "Sechs."
Clark: "That will do, Audrey."
Audrey: "That's German for six."

-I still don't have any beef with Mike Tomlin's performance so far.

-I went to San Diego this weekend (before the fires started raging). I think it's a really interesting place. It has beautiful weather year-round, and it makes me wonder what the absence of rainy and gloomy days could have on a mass society. Usually rainy/gloomy days result in boredom, introspection, even creativity. Because of the endless sunshine and, thus, distraction, do San Diegoans have, en masse, a generally-less-developed sense of self? Are they in touch with their emotions at all? What do they consider the meaning of life? What IS the meaning of life?
This thought briefly crossed my mind on our way to go surfing.

-Sometimes I just really like Ace of Base.

-And sometimes I don't. Those are the darker days.

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