my update posting

Well, it looks like I've slipped a bit (O.K., a lot) in my blogging duties/obligations. Sometimes that just happens 'cause of life. Speaking of, though, here are some of my updates since November.

j-My brother came to visit me for Thanksgiving. It was, I'd say, a turning point in our adult sibling relationship.

@-I took a job at the National Center for Lesbian Rights, a national non-profit law firm working towards equality under the law for all gay people. Some of our major cases include the recently-settled Harris v. Penn State and the upcoming Woo v. California (California's version of the Massachusetts ruling. Basically, if we win, gay "marriage" will be legal in California.) We're lead counsel in these cases and more, a role which most people think is reserved for the ACLU, Human Rights Campaign, or Lambda Legal. It's actually NCLR -- kinda cool, huh? I started this past Monday, so I witnessed the media barrage that was the Harris case (Google-news it). It's a great organization and my co-workers are awesome!

G-I've decided to apply for law school for '08.

Y-My girlfriend Leah and I celebrated our first anniversary. Looking forward to year #2.

b-I'm the proud owner of a new road bike.

h-Grandmere has stage four lung and brain cancer. Not so great. I went to visit her for a week and let's just say that cancer is a real eye-opening disease. If I were you I would stop smoking...um, NOW.


Spooner said...

Thank you, Em. I have miss you.
Congrats on the new jobby job, the year #2 with Leah, the growing up and growing on.
Keep writing. I just love your brain and how it works.
And I will bait you if I have to.

Look Out Kid said...

Harris v. Penn State, was, I thought, an absurd embarrassment. It certainly showed where Penn State stands with regard to gay rights (in the 1950's, it would seem). Sheesh.

In other news, I didn't move to SF after all. I bought my own venue in State College, and am currently living the life I sought when I was considering SF as my new home. If you'd like to know more, just ask ;)