um, yeah...not so much.

That was one of the worst basketball games I've ever seen in my life.

And I only got to see the last five minutes.

I'm sorta torn between my loyalty to Syracuse and completely dissing them for one of the --if not THE-- most pitiful and lame performances in their entire history.

Moving on, though...

Happy Saint Patty's Day!!


KJB said...

It was definitely not their best showing, that's for sure, but it was also not the most pitiful and lame performance in their entire history. Growing up I saw many a game where SU would start strong and fizzle. Case in point: almost any game in the early 90s vs. Georgetown. But I digress, the worst performance EVER was last year's first round game in which they lost to Vermont. VERMONT.That was by far, in all 25 years of my SU fanatic-ship, the worst thing I had seen. They had Hak AND Gerry and they did that. Just miserable. They defaulted back to their fizzling-and-not-starting-out-strong-enough routine (hey, we're playing a 12 seed, we don't need to play that hard) and not being able to play catch up as they needed to in the second half.

That being said, I am actually not bitter. Gerry was on the bench (not scoring once! That made me sad because you KNOW that was the last way ANYONE [especially Gerry]would ever want to end his college career) and the team is still young enough that I can feel hopeful about next year's program. It was a good showing by Roberts (ok could have been better, but he was good)and they didn't have their #1 guy as a safety net to make up for any possible fizlzing out.

So this year, I am not bitter-- sad, yes--- but not bitter.

End scene.

emilie said...

Firstly, I'm surprised that, at 2:30pm EST, you are not out drinking cerveza verde:)

Thanks for your historical context...I wish I had the same knowledge base. However, what I saw what not a team I love losing...but a team I love giving up. It looked like they were just OK with what was going on and played as if there was nothing they could do about it. It's for that reason that it was one of the most pitiful b-ball games I've seen.
Last year versus UVM they at least looked/played like they were dissatisfied with themselves.
In any case, I still heart the Orange but I can't say I'm not bitter about their attitude.

Ciao bella!