misc. wednesday

-I just met author Amy Tan and brought her to Studio A. On the way up from the lobby, she told me all about her new orthopaedic shoes, which looked like lunch-lady shoes with one big spring as the heel.

-After giving it a lot of thought, I would have Kraft Spirals 'N' Cheese and a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice as my last meal.

-The world is celebrating Mozart's 250th birthday this week, and suddenly he's all popular and crap. All I can say is...who had THEIR favorite part of Sonata for Piano No. 11 in A Major-Rondo Alla Turca: Allegretto this time one year ago?

-Yeah, that's right.


-I think "the Epic of Gilgamesh" is more important to read now than it ever was. I mean, it's the first written story in human history and is from the Middle East.

-I have a new girl in my life. Her name's Leah and all I can really say is that she is completely awesome.

-Although they smell quite similar, I think I prefer Bath & Body Works' Coconut Verbena Lime body lotion over their Rich Citrus Cream. Why? Well, for starters, the word "verbena" is fun to say...even in one's head. I mean, mostly just in one's (ok, 'my') head because it's not like I talk a lot about these kinds of things out loud.
Secondly, the coconut offers a beach-ful and buttery quality unmatched by simply adding a "cream" chemical to the 'rich citrus' make-up of Rich Citrus Cream.
Additionally, I find the focus just on lime to be theoretically more classy than simply bunching all of the citrus fruits together, as if they aren't individuals. Essentially, if you treat them all the same, that's how they'll end up.
In conclusion...whereas Coconut Verbena Lime is a more-focused and deliberately-scented product, I find Rich Citrus Cream to be simply a haphazard and lazy afterthought of a body lotion.
Good thing they were two-for-one.


allie said...

what the __ is the terrible towel? am i missing something?
tell us about leah!
i too always had an inkling for the combo of oj and macncheeze. there's something soothing about the orangeness.
the east coast misses you ems.

-em said...

sheesh, allie!
you live in PENNSYLVANIA...

Hint #1: the Steel City

Hint #1: Super Bowl XL