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-Went over to the SCOTUS yesterday evening to observe/pay respects to Mr. Rehnquist. For me it was nothing political (I mean, obviously). Just something I feel was important because I appreciate our judicial system, the Constitution and the people who spend their lives working in those realms.
Sometimes I go down to the Supreme Court and marvel at not only the white marble pillars, statues and frieze but what the place stands for. Lady Justice holds the scales blindfolded and "Equal Justice Under Law" reads the classically-chiseled font above the massive entrance.
Maybe it's not that way in the real world (yet) and maybe special interests have their greasy hands in the dealings of our government and everyone's corrupt and just trying to exploit their power for the back-alley money mongers lurking in the darkness of racism, classism, et. al.
Or maybe not.
Maybe these people devoted their lives to an idea begun in Babylon, developed in Rome and continued today, which is that people have inalieable rights that no one should ever be able to take away. There's a lot of inherent controversy and debate into what these rights are and how they can be protected, but in the end it's people realizing they are important and trying to do something about them.
Thanks, Mr. Rehnquist. You did a good thing with your life.

-On a related note, the California Assembly yesterday passed a bill legalizing same-sex marriage, defining it as simply 'between two persons.'
Obviously there is controversy about this topic and whatnot, but the thing that struck me the most was that Gov. Schwarzenegger (who doesn't know if he'll sign it into law yet) stated: "This matter should be settled by the courts, not the legislators."
Didn't opponents cry foul play when the Massachussetts court "actively legislated from the bench" in that state's same-sex-marriage controversy?! I actually agreed with that point on its federalist/constitutional logic! Now a state has gone and passed it the "right" way (no pun intended) but--of course--it's no good. Honestly, people (and by "people" I mean "opponents of same-sex marriage"), make up your f-ing minds.

-On a related note. To my conservative counterparts: In light of recent disaster, war and world events, can you see how two people wanting to marry each other out of love and devotion is
actually not that big of a deal?

-I haven't hopped on the FEMA blame-game bandwagon...well, until today when I learned that a plane carrying evacuees headed for Charleston, SC actually went to Charleston, WV.
Come on guys.

-I forgot to mention that I had a really good Sabrett's kosher hot dog while waiting in line to get into the SCOTUS. Is that wrong?

-Some people have television, sports, etc.
Me, well, I day dream about winning the lottery. I know it sounds kind of silly and stuff. But it's not all the time or such that I don't live my current life. And, yes, I have a slight worry that doing so might actually "jinx" my chances of winning. But I just think the idea is so interesting, how your life can literally change in one moment of pure luck. I mean, I do it because it's fun.
If I won the lottery, I would first put 1/3 of it into an investment/trust--ya gotta protect something for the generations to follow.
Second, I would pay off any and all of my family and friends' personal debt...credit cards, mortgages, cars, student loans, whatever...and pay their monthly bills for 3 months.
Third-(a), I would look for a good charity with a good track record or which needs a good boost and I would give, give, give. Third-(b) I would start my own. Third-(c) I would volunteer the rest of my life. Third-(d) I would give random people money. I mean, it happened to me, right? Share the wealth is what I say. Third-(e) I would buy townhouses in DC, NY, SF & Chicago and let friends/fam there live in them rent-free.
Fourth, I would divide the rest up between family and friends. For example, if I won the MegaMillions this Friday, expected to be in the $200-million range, you can guaran-damn-tee that any and all good friends would be getting at least a mil in the mail...two if you helped me with Team in Training.
Fifth, this one was Brad's idea, but it's a good one, I would take my friends and fam on an all-expenses-paid, around-the-world trip that didn't have a clear ending date. We would just go and not come back until we felt like it was done.
Sixth, I would give the dude who sold me the ticket one million.
So go ahead. Indulge. What would you do if you won?

-I really hate days like yesterday where I'm just like "blah." I'm glad today it's back to my normal 99%-of-the-time goofy & laughing self. Boo-yah!

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withknivesout said...

i am conservative and i have no problem with same-sex marriage. i think marriage is a mistake regardless of your partner's gender.