I'm going going, back back...

...to Cali Cali!

Yep, that's right folks! San Francisco, to be exact.
In two weeks I'll be headin' out West--this time for at least a few years. It kind of came up fast but I'm super excited and have a weird calmness that everything will work out.


-After living there, around the world and in various East Coast locations, I've decided that the Bay Area is the place for me right now: chill/diverse peeps, lots to do, diverse array of outdoor activities, good food, big farmers' markets.
-I am starting a company
-I have good friends there

Do you have a job?
In short, no. I do not have a definite, already-existing j-o-b. However, the reason I am going there is to start a non-profit radio production company, called AudioLuxe (please disregard the shitty-ass graphics on this starter Web site) with my good friend Stacy. So that would be my main 'job.' There's also the prospect of getting the morning news director job at KQED, the NPR affiliate station where I interned and, if not, working my way into that station through filling-in.
And then there's always waiting tables...(preferrably with my East Bay crew, somewhere involving Guinness).

Do you have a place to live?
In short, no. Not yet. Two of my future roommates are already in the area scoping out the sitch...such is the relocation process.

I still have some more questions, but let me ask this one that I just thought of: Do you know what the F you're doing??

Oh, OK. From the looks of your first two answers, it didn't seem to me like you have a "plan."
Well, I do. But thanks anyway, mom.

You're welcome. So how are you getting there?
I am driving cross country with my third roommate and fine SU-ski-team friend, Karen. We are going to have the most fun!

What about that marathon you were training for? I mean, we all gave you money and now wh...Actually, I'm flying back for the big race, which is Sunday, October 30th. After all this fundraising and training, I wouldn't miss it for the world!

Aren't you in a relationship? What's gonna happen with that?
Yes, and I'm not sure. Even though she's from there, Nicole is not moving back to that area at this time; she'll stay in DC a little while longer. However, I made the decision to do all this a while ago because I knew it was what I wanted to do. Whatever will be will be and I'm not worried about it.

Why are you letting your grandparents down like this? I mean, they really wanted you to move to Edenton and get a good job, plus they are the only ones who seem to know the real deal about San Francisco: that it's a dirty city full of crazy liberals, homeless people, drugs, gays and crime-ridden immigrants. Didn't you know that??
Until I see that San Francisco, I'll go on what I know. Which is that it's one of the best cities in the whole wide world.


Ren said...

Congrats on making such a huge move. I'm really thrilled for you; sounds incredibly exciting.

And it sounds like an unbelievable endeavor you all are starting!

I don't know exactly where you are in the scheme of development, but when you get to the point where you want to establish some sort of visual identity (like a logo, business cards, whatever), get in touch with me. I'd be thrilled to do some pro bono work for you all to help you get rolling (if you don't have a designer friend already helping)... Just wanted to throw that out there!

allie said...

i 2nd ren- congrats and let me know if i can help--what an adventure ahead and i so respect you for going for those goals. ack! growin' up!

Jesse said...


Just wanted you to know I love reading your blog. It's always a fun read. And interesting. You're an effective writer who obviously puts a lot of thought into her compositions. Kudos! :)

And I don't care what the sign says, I know you're not "Drunkie Girl."