thanks to these people, I'll be doing something I'm not really "supposed" to do!*

SO! I am officially entered in the 2005 Marine Corps Marathon!!! As many of you know, I decided to give running 26.2 miles a shot and joined Team in Training, a program run by the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society which trains you for an endurance event of your choice and a spot in the race in exchange for you raising money for the Society. My minimum to raise was $1700 and with the help of my loving friends and family, I made my goal by last Friday's recommitment deadline ($1847, to be exact)!
Without being cheesy, I want to devote this post to the people who have made it possible for me to run in the race and, more importantly, raise this good deal of money to help fund research and patient aid for blood-related cancers. If you don't want to read about the people I'm smitten with at the current time because of their awesome support, I'd stop right now. I can understand a post of this nature can be kind of annoying.
Here are the people who made it possible for me to stay in the TNT program, what I have to say about them/our friendship, and how I think they would fare in the 26.2:

---Catherine Bartoli: a good friend from high school who has known me since I put on my first pair of running shoes. A true big sister of sorts whose outlook on life is constantly positive, she helped me through some times where I felt like giving up on running. (Can you say Kendor Summit??) a superb cook and currently a grad student of Urban Studies in Philadelphia.
-without training, could finish the course in/around 4:30.
---Keith Beam: a fellow ROTC cadet who always made me laugh even when we were supposed to be taking that whole Army thing seriously. And "beam" is such a cool last name! Currently a 1st LT in the Army, serving at Walter Reed Army Medical Center.
-not counting his recent car accident and subsequent neck injury, Mr. Beam could do it under 4, no problem.
---Missy Bednarek: my dear friend and fellow Army brat who knows no limit when it comes to good old fashioned fun. She also has size 4D boobs and gets sunburned in the moonlight. Oh and she recently married a Venezuelan when she lived in Venezuela. Currently transitioning from living in Venezuela.
-Unfortunately, I don't think Missy would be able to run in a marathon given the size of her boobs.
---Amy Benson: a friend from college who I knew briefly (she graduated right after we started hanging out). Such a jovial person with that laid-back Burlington attitude many strive their whole lives to attain! Currently a physical therapist in Burlington, VT.
-Finish in 5, no sweat.
---Kelly Brown: One of my college roommates, Kelly never turned down an opportunity to get completely trashed or help me with Spanish syntax. Thing is, I didn't take Spanish and could have cared less about syntax! She also acted as my substitute for a date I had to cancel with my college boyfriend. Who does that?? Good ol' Kelly Brown, that's who. Currently event planner for a Boston-based company. Could I be more specific? Nope.
-Kelly's stuck between a rock and a hard place on this one. She lives in Boston, so she's in the marathon capital of the US. Thing is, the race starts at noon and she'd already be too drunk to ever participate. However, I'm sure she's OK with that set up.
---Barry Brumitt: Boyfriend of a high school friend. Barry's motto is "never stop" and, in saying that, he's referring to LIFE. He's a skydiver and DJ on the side from developing computer games for Microsoft in Seattle.
-Already ran a marathon. Time: 4:12
---Melissa Chadwick: A college friend who's one of the most reliable people I know, also quite pretty. She's a Republican and that's OK. Currently lives in nearby Silver Spring, MD and writes medical-industry newspaper/pamphlets but I see her being a star reporter for a major pape sometime soon.
-I actually see Ms. Chadwick doing a marathon sometime in her life. 5:30.
---the Clippingers: Family of my high school soccer coach, Greg "Clip" Clippinger, who was seriously one of the top two coaches I have ever had in my life. Currently high school soccer coach and Navy logistics coordinator and moved down the street from my family's house in good ol' Car-lisle, PA.
-the Clippinger family (all 5 of them) could come in under 3 if they worked as a relay team.
---Becky Collins (and matching gift from employer, Universal Music Group): She left SU and went straight to LA where she's been ever since. Before moving to UMG, Becky was Judge Judy's legal assistant. Yes, that Judge Judy (Or "JJ" as she likes to call her). Like, she had JJ's personal cell phone number. Look for her name on the credits:) Becky and I spent 2 days making the power hour tape for our college ski team, and four years making memories from our college shenanigans. We also got kicked out of the Robert Mondavi winery in Napa Valley.
-the beckster is quite athletic and I can see a finish of 5 with the right training.
---Elisse Collins (no relation to Becky, but the ditty is applicable): If you know a Collins, you're one of the luckiest people alive. I know all four of them--maybe I should go buy a lotto ticket?? Elisse lives in close by Alexandria and is an MPH candidate at the GW University.
-Elisse has already started running for cancer awareness in this year's Cherry Blossom festival. I see her doing the 'thon in under 5 fo sheezy.
---John Coppola: Seriously one of the top 3 nicest guys I have ever known and a stellar gentleman. When the rest of us had senioritis, John never missed an ROTC PT session! 1st LT, deploying to Iraq in September.
-a shoe-in at 3:15. WITH full BDU's.
---Emily Cummings: Emilie Cole : EmCole :: Emily Cummings : _______. Together we had a penchant for freaking out the opposing cross country team by acting out SNL skits, (admittedly, none of which are funny anymore). She was a staple of my Carlisle experience. Currently a promotions coordinator for a Tampa, FL-based radio station.
-EmCum could easily take the course in 4:45.
---Brad Decker: um, hello! BRAD DECKER! Currently a campaign finance analyst at the Federal Elections Commission and, like, stuff.
-Brad can't run longer than 10 miles with out getting bored.
---Karen & Paul Decker: Brad's loving parents who think I take him into the ghetto.
-Mr: 3:30/Mrs: -5
---Judy Denham: Triumph's fabulous accountant. 'Round here she goes by Juds and drinks Mike's, which is fabulously trashy and disgustingly glamourous at the same time. Currently an accountant at Triumph Development.
-She bailed on our company run, so I'm not so sure about her level of dedication to running. If she "had to" I'm sure -6.
---Maggie Dukes: Also a kick-ass last name. And her first name isn't a nickname. AND she's both an overachiever and supercool at the same time. AND she gave me this really pretty skirt this one time. AND she's part of Bo2, this extraordinary gang of people I met the second day of college, the memories of which are still some of my finest. Currently works in advertising in N-Y-C.
-Mags. MAGS. 5:30.
---the Duckerts: Nicole's friends' family who I've never met, but who are extremely generous and most likely very very nice.
-They would do their best.
---Moira Fratantuono: one of the most sarcastic people I've ever met and long-time friend from HS. About her senior year as an art student: "I'm having such a great time being a senior. I'm so happy that I can't think of anything to paint."
-too cynical to run a marathon
---Jeremy Greenberg: my roommate in London and super-Jew. The most well-travelled 20-something I've ever met. Helped start AEPi at tons of campuses around the country until moving to DC this summer. Is currently looking for a nice Jewish girl to settle down with.
-Not a runner type. Is really good at soccer and catchphrase though!
---Molly Harris: a recent friend (i.e., beginning of June) from the burgeoning lipstick lesbian scene here in DC. I actually don't know if it's burgeoning or not because I am not part of that scene, really. Neither is she, so that's weird, huh? I had actually never been to any sort of thing having to do with that before, so I was surprised to meet someone I would have become friends with anyway (funny, awesome, witty and nice.) Is the nice Jewish girl Jeremy's looking for, except that she is gay. Currently works for Sen. Kohl (D-Wisc.) on Capitol Hill and drinks beer out of a frisbee in her free time.
-All of Molly's free time is taken up by drinking so training for a marathon is not looking very probable. However I think she's a natural athlete so I'll go with sub 4:30 with the right training.
---Heather Hinckley: part of the 2A Crew. Senior year lived across the street and together our apts threw some classy beer pong tourneys as well as the 2005 Beer Olympics and Hot Tub Extravaganza. Ackerman Ave will never be the same. Our friendship has other aspects that aren't related to beer, but I can't remember them right now.
-Under 5 if she wanted to.
---Erin Hobday: Erin is from Tappanzee and that is one of the fun-nest words to say, and also to sing in a crescendo choral warm-up. We bonded especially our sophomore year of college when we felt just plain holed up in our 70's-era dormitory, Dellplain Hall, and fed up with the SU life. We watched The Graduate. We applied to other schools. We wallowed. And then we realized we liked it there and got over it. Erin is a kick-ass literaturist and writer with a terrific sense of humor, and I'm glad she exists. Period.
-One of the handful of people from SU who actually liked running. 3:30.
---Eric Hough: I have been envious of Eric's ability to do a helicopter on skis since our days of high school ski club. Of course, I tore my ACL the first time I gave it a shot, but that really has nothing to do with Eric. Eric is a complete computer nerd at heart and his forte, now that I think about it, is service projects. He used to go annually to the Dominican Republic to help out with a medical clinic. He also went every summer to build hay-bale houses in Montana for displaced Native Americans. He also went to Central America to build houses and even all the way to Africa to help set up community computer labs in villages. He also shares my passion for Blackalicious and beer. Currently a PhD student at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh and future Bill Gates-meets-Mother Teresa.
-Eric has already done a marathon: the Penn State 'Thon which is actually a dance marathon. He danced for 72 hours without stopping.
---Jen Iles: Jen is one of my (former) sorority sisters and a very snazzy lady if I do say so myself, which I do. I think it's 'cause she's a Cali girl:) Jen and I have very similar senses of humor which was imperative at a place like Syracuse. And even though I left Pi Phi after only a year of sisterhood, she made my experience with the whole thing, and especially my pledge class, unforgettable. For the years after that I saw Jen only occasionally--it's weird how you can not see people even when you're at the same school--but when I did have the good fortune of seeing her out at Darwin's or Faegan's it always ended up absolutely making my day to meet up with the hilarious Jenbino. I think she is currently building a retail empire in San Diego.
-Jen's a very determined gal and I think she would finish in under 6.
---Nicole LaCount: my loving girlfriend who had to donate or else I wouldn't talk to her. JK. As you can see below, she rallied the troops for sure! Currently a high school bio teacher at Bell "Multicultural" (i.e., Latino/African/Asian immigrant) HS.
-This is how Nicole goes running: jog. stop. walk. look at the flowers. stretch. jog. walk. As such, I'd say 10 hours.
---Lynn LaCount: Nicole's dad. Lives in the coolest house I've ever seen on the Pacific Coast of California. Knows how to retire. An amazing beach-sprinter.
-under 4:00.
---Jean-Paul & Allie LaCount: Nicole's brother and wife. One of the cutest couples ever. They have a neat cat named Hilo. Currently moving from the OC to Seattle.
-As a team, under 2:30.
---Christine LeMieux: a friend from college who I didn't know very well until she moved here to DC. Now we paint the town just about every week! Bonus points for: one day driving Nicole out to the airport at 4am. Then that afternoon braved DC rushhour traffic, came and picked me up from Annapolis where I was wasted on our company boat trip, then drove me all the way in the opposite direction back to the same airport she had been to 12 hours prior. All in one day. Volunteered. Currently works in a lobby firm.
-With very careful and detailed planning for a good two years, would finally actually run the race with an impressive sub 4. Her outfit would match perfectly.
---Allie & Erik Kochert: Allie is one of my bf's from high school and has been there through thick and thin as we gradually figure out this thing called life. She more than I, as she got married last summer and has recently bought her first house! I would frequently drop by her house and raid her candy drawer in the small-town life that is Carlisle. Then we would play You Don't Know Jack until it was time to go home. Also, a super-loving person with an equally-as-loving family. Recently got her masters' in therapy and got a therapist job.
-Allie would speed walk in under 4:30. Her mom would qualify for Boston.
---Lindsay Miller: Also of the fantabulous Bo2 gang. Lindsay and I had a special bond--she was the only other person I knew at SU who was from the boring and useless Central Pennsylvania region. As such, we had walkie-talkies for pretty much all of freshman year. How cool is that? Rather, how cool is Lindsay Miller?? Currently works in marketing in NYC.
-Linz already biked the Five Boroughs and I could see her running them in under 5!
---Nick Mira: In high school gym class volleyball games, Nick would steal the volleyball and punt it across the gym just to see what would happen. What would happen is that the ball would bounce around like a bullet trapped in a metal box and then he would get detention. Again. Currently works at a Boston architecture firm.
-Under one hour. On a skate board.
---Mom: My mom rocks!! I met my mom when I was born.
-My mom IS doing the marathon. She'll get her goal time of 12 min/mile, I know it!
---Kathy Mullaney: My former sorority big sister and the only person I know who's actually from Delaware. Inspired me to learn "Over the Hills and Far Away" on the guitar--I think it was my first non-Indigo Girls song? Now that's influence! Currently works at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center here in DC area.
-It would take some focusing, but she could do it in under 5.
---Carol Munger: another firend from SU who graduated before our friendship really blossomed. Along with Amy Benson, the blossoming took place last summer at our dear friend Erica Collins' (see: Elisse Collins, et. al.) kick-ass wedding in the upper lakes of Michigan. Currently a am-pro volleyball player, recently returned from France and is hopefully going back to pursue European professional volleyball.
-Under 4.
---Molly Nichols: Please see post titled "fallure" for Molly's outlook on life. Currently teacher at magnet school in Boulder, CO. I heart Molly Nichols.
-at sea level, easily under 5 hours.
---Colleen O'Brien: CoCo is the sassiest etepetetes I have ever known. You don't even know what that means.
-Under 4:30. Colleen's a great runner and XC pal.
---Mike O'Connor: The newest edition to Team Triumph. A jolly irishman who can drink the rest of us under the table and pretty much out the door. Currently development manager for our humble company.
-Playing 18 is similar to a marathon, right?
---Molly Peterson: A jolly irishwoman who drank the rest of us under the table and out the door. How do I keep befriending these types of people? One of the funniest people I've ever met. Likes bobbleheads. Got her JD just for fun. Currently freelance reporter and producer for NPR and former producer at NPR member station KQED in SF.
-Under an hour. In a kayak. That she built.
---Andrew Poolman: my highschool boyfriend and, along with John Coppola, one of the top 3 nicest guys I've ever met. One day last summer we spent all evening racing his automatically-reclining overstuffed chairs while drinking mint juleps. Thing is, racing automatically-reclining overstuffed chairs is pointless since they go the same speed and no one can win. Currently a teacher at a private school in upstate NY.
-Last I knew he wasn't too fond of running, but I think he could do it in under 4.
---Darya Porat: my freshman and senior year roommate. From dealing with a ton of army crap sprawled over our teensy room freshman year (and the M16 target I hung on our door without realizing it came across as creepy--hey, I was just proud of my shooting!) to senior year's debauchery which included many power hours, a caribbean cruise and crawling around the apartment mewing like cats, when I think of college, I automatically think of Darya. Who doesn't, really?
-Darya would win out of sheer cuteness. Barring that, I think she'd easily get in around 5:15.
---Ali Lee & Mitch Price: Ali Lee and her boyfriend, Mitch Price. I cannot begin to explain Ali Lee in this humble blog. It's just too humble!
-Ali: Boston mat. Mitch: I have no idea, I'm still getting to know him.
---Meghan Riley: the third and final senior roommate. Shares my Type-A (which I think is all but gone now, but back then...well...) side so I didn't feel like a weirdo organizing my grocery cabinet and having to do lists all over my computer monitor. Meghan bites off more than you think she can eventually chew. But she'll prove you wrong and wash it down with a beer to boot! Born, raised and currently a grad student at SU. Meghan: please leave Syracuse before you die.
-If she could actually fit 4 and a half hours into her busy schedule, she could do the 26.2. That's highly unlikely, though.
---Amy Savage: of the 2A Crew as well. No. 2 worst Boston-area accent I have ever heard in my entire life. Has replaced the ability to pronounce the letter "R" with an impeccable ability to party.
-Would be with Kelly on this one. Not so much running in the marathon so much as watching and drinking.
---Molly Schmelzle: see www.mcschmel.blogspot.com for more details. Currently lives in San Diego as a grad student and liver of life to the fullest.
-Will make Boston in her first marathon, whenever that happens.
---Adam Smith: a DC friend of Nicole's who will never be able to write a book on economic theory without coming across as silly. That sucks because he would probably write a book on economic theory if he wasn't a structural engineer.
-Probably can't do a marathon because of his knees. But if he could, under 4 for sure.
---Jack Somerville: the old dude that works in an office inside our office. Is obsessed with the mail and the weather. Calls from vacations to check in on the weather and mail. Calls Asian Americans "Chinamen." Currently on vacation, called earlier today to see how the weather was and if the mail came yet.
-8-9 hours.
-the Strands: family of dear friend Ellie Strand, my youngest friend to date (when I was senior, she was freshman, etc). Also one of my closest running friends--we've climbed a lot of hills, run a lot of miles, and won a lot of meets together. A great runner and even better friend.
-Boston or better.
---Marygrace Tilman: I met Marygrace on accident when she was visiting SU as a high shcool senior. Then, somehow, we both showed up randomly at SU XC preseason, looking to walk on the squad. Our friendship then quickly grew and running is truly at its core. Favorite run: the Quarry (that one trail, especially:). Marygrace has narcolepsy and when we roomed together I frequently made her brush her teeth and tucked her in to bed. She is now married and deployed to South Korea the other day.
-I think she randomly ran a marathon in Spain and did pretty well. Like 3:50-ish or something like that. Definitely Boston.
---Geoff Washburn: A fellow ROTC cadet who was as hardcore about the program as I wasn't. A dedicated and reliable chap who didn't mind hearing my liberal crap day in and day out. This guy was born a ranger. Thank god because he now is one. Currently stationed in Hawai'i. Boo hoo.
-Hates running but could do it in 2:30 if under enemy fire.
---Karen Weidert: one of my fondest memories of Karen (along with Ms. Becky Collins) is dressing up like "KISS" and hiding out in the lobby of Psi U for about 2 hours. Karen went to South Africa right after college where she taught prison inmates First Aid. Currently lives in Boston working for a South African organization but is moving with me to SF in the future (I still hope).
-Karen would come in exactly 5 minutes after me, regardless of the time. Hehehe, jk. You know you're the best at life and I'm just jealous.

If, after reading this, you'd also like to help, please consider donating to my mom's fundraising since I have completed my goal. Click here.

*According to my "doctor"


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Hey Emilie I just wanted to say good luck on your marathon!! Your thank you blog seemed like it took a really long time to compose, and I liked your opinion on how each contributor would do in a marathon...oh and i also really liked your blog about your florida vacation with your uncle and his views on current events...oh yeah i am posting this anonymously because i don't know how to have a name, but this is colleen...oh and one more thing, keep up your blog because i read it and i find it very entertaining on days i am bored at work...ok, well i guess that's all, but best of luck, i know you will "tear it up"!! love colleen