vaycay, sweetie

in florida until july 12. hopefully i won't get eaten by a shark.

if you are bored because i'm not posting, here are my suggestions:
-crawl past your roommate's bedroom mewing like a kitty. act like you're not doing anything weird
-give your bathroom a really good scrub down while listening to the rhythm of the saints. celebrate with a bloody mary
-remind yourself how much you hate blood cancers, love running marathons, and then donate to my team in training endeavor


Anonymous said...

-Casually greet or sign off with an acquiantance or collegue slipping in the up-and-coming term of endearment, "sweet meat."
Watch for a reaction.

"Heeey sweetmeat, I never thought you'd call today..."
"...Okay, allllllrighty. yeah- I will talk to you later sweetmeat, alrighty , bub-bye."

Anonymous said...

meowsers! i'd forgotten about the cat-esque-crawling-by-doorways. oh, college how i miss ye.

note to self: freak out sister/roommate with this tonight; don't be sad when she doesn't think much of it because she already thinks you're peculiar; repeat.