um, me

been reading people's surveys here and there. here's mine:

about you
name: emilie grace cole
nicknames: emcole, emiliecole, em, eeems (southern family), emmie (emmy shank)
heritage: scottish, welsh, british
birthplace: richmond, va
live now: DC
hair: light blonde (summer), light brown/dark blonde (winter)
eyes: blue
height: 5.5 ft
weight: 130-5
race: Aryan. I'm totally kidding here. Since I don't believe in race, I'd say, um, HUMAN
disabilities: none that I'm aware of. but my left knee is like a 70-year-old's
vision: huh? contacts in the -4 range. I just got new glasses last week and they are def. stronger. I can't see the big 'E' on the chart without help.
hearing: excellent

Your favorite physical features: hands, legs, back
Could be better: feet. I blame it on the miles ran.
Favorite food(s):
sheesh. I like pretty much all foods, but I'd say...
-2 eggs over medium w/tad cheddar & toast
-anything thai coconut curry
-sushi (specifically, salmon nigiri, rainbow roll, spicy tuna roll)
-veggie burgers
Least favorite food(s):
Favorite drinks(s):
-cold, light beer after a run
-mix juices
-ketel one cosmo
Least favorite drinks:
-beet juice
Favorite TV show: AbFab, Jeopardy. If only they had AbFab Jeopardy.
Favorite movie: willy wonka
Favorite book: don't have one yet
Favorite music: anything I can dance to. it may not be pretty at times, but I can dance to almost anything
Favorite sport to play: If I could, soccer. good thing I like running!
Favorite sport to watch: now it's baseball
Perfect day? any day can be perfect. some ethereal notions include sunny parks, Sunday NYtimes, frisbee, bbq's, drunken charades...summer's right around the co'na!

significant other
hair: don't care
eyes: don't care
height: not shorter than me. the last thing I need is some pipsqueak following me around
weight: don't care. as long as they can be active with me
personality: whatevs. as long as we 'fit'
style: don't care, but absolutely NO pleated pants (I can help if need be)
current relationship? nicole
fits above? for most part. nobody's perfect

Things you're good at: caring, helping, keeping in touch, making the world a good place (one way or another), most sports/running; understanding everyone's point of view; chugging Guinness (Imperial pints)
Things you could be better at: 'thinking before I speak'; resisting urge to be sarcastic with
more-simple coworkers; I could always be more chill
Things you'll succeed at:
motherhood; spouse-hood; teaching; marine corps marathon; being a friend
Things you'll fail at:
I don't quite 'believe' in failure, since I think everything's a learning experience
Comforts: i randomly find comfort. like this morning on the bridge over looking the plush green Rock Creek Park.
Fears: airplane turbulence/crash; other people's umbrella spokes
Proud of? myself, my friends, family, humanity
Regrets? not writing an honor's thesis; sometimes I put my self out on a limb and becoming vulnerable/how I ended up getting there. But again, see "failure" question.
Grateful for? how I was raised; you
Short-term goals:
have fun; read; save money/build investments; marine corps marathon; set up audioluxe; better posture; figure stuff out
Mid-term goals:
have fun; fluent in Spanish; conversational in French; literate in Latin; knowledge of Arabic; understand theory of relativity; start family; become more flexible (physically); learn to sail; own a fixer upper; figure stuff out
Long-term goals:
raise family; have cabin/cottage owned by friends and I; travel; teach; give back; HAVE FUN

my new glasses.
glasses were invented by humans just like the chair i'm sitting in, the polymer desk behind me, and those rolled up building plans, because we also decided we needed concrete structures in which to conduct our equally-as-made-up business.
come to think of it, we've totally made up a lot of shit!

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jesse said...

I dig your new frames. Perhaps I'll see them in person one day...

;) j

P.S. You look very professional in that shot. I hope you like the idea of looking 'professional.' If not, then you don't look 'professional' at all. In any case, it's a good photo. I should have just said that in the first place.