The origin of this post was the fact that last night I had the pleasure of seeing Aesop Rock. Strike that. 'Seeing' should be replaced with experiencing.
Watching the words pour out of him like a waterfall of dreams, hopes and sorrows was second only to when I saw Gift of Gab do the same, only faster and with a bit more playful logic and wit (the latter tickling my fancy just a wee bit more). Also, that Blackalicious show was only $3 (thanks, SU!) whereas Aes & Co came up in the twomp range. But both made me dance and made me happy.

When I experience performances like these--or any performance, really--I just can't help feeling so good about life. I mean, these people have this incredible talent and I'm so grateful I get to see it. Is this really cheesy? (don't answer that)
Even really 'bad' performances. I mean, not if they cost me a ton, because then I'd be a little miffed. But for the most part, even watching a sucky performance gives me this same appreciation for everything.
It's still just a wonder to me that people create, and on top of that, create good stuff.

We even created fables.
A double thanks to Aesop.

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withknivesout said...

what does aesop rock look like? i've heard he's a little white boy.