a series of fortunate events

so today my bosses, james and steve, called me into their office and told me i was doing a good job (thank god). they gave me a raise.
then they each asked me to get them a beer from their well-stocked mini fridge. providing my bosses with alcohol is a normal part of my job, by the way. once i made them martinis, to which they complemented heavily.
so i got them their beers and steve whips out five 100-dollar bills and hands it to me. i almost dropped the beer in his lap. he jokingly told me it was my "tip." i thought he was kidding, but nope. he really had just given me $500.
so i bounce back down the stairs to my receptionist's perch with a new outlook on life and employment. i mean, i just couldn't stop laughing. the accountant judy, or "joods" as we refer to her, was also given some sort of bonus and we just couldn't stop smiling about our wonderful fortune.

then i hear my bosses buzz me on our intercom, asking me to come back up and get them another beer. of course i will get thee another beer...you just gave me $2500!

as i'm twisting off the caps, james proceeds to pull out another $500 and gives it to me. i thought they were kidding, but nope. he really had just given me another $500.

there is no april fool's here, this really happened. of course, my bosses just settled a deal and each made $1.5 million, but they didn't have to share any of that with us. but they did.
and i'm feelin' good right now, feelin' good.

and that's the way it is today.


withknivesout said...

nothing is better than money unexpected.

Monty said...

So I should be expecting presents soon, right?

emilie said...