In light of the recent and irrelevant President's Day, I have some observations about stuff:

-This morning on the bus I take from the Metro station, the stop-indication mechanism was broken (you know, the cord-and-chime thingy). My bus driver had displayed a hand-written sign that read:
"Bell don't work. Plese call stop out."

-Apparently Britain realizes that either it needs to find another source of soldiers or that people are equally capable of serving in the military. Those canvas pants are fabulous!

-Meanwhile, our (mostly-straight) military isn't exactly rakeing in the blue ribbons.
Re: Afghanistan. I know, I know, there are good things being done (like Molly's friend Trish who helped start an Afghan youth soccer league!) and the place has come along way since it was ruled by Soviets and then terrorists. But is 173rd out of 178 really acceptable after spending billions of dollars and hundreds of lives? Mmhmmm.

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