Article from today's NYTimes related to my last posting:


In other media news, help me get a free iPod! It will only take four (4) of you, my precious friends, signing up for an offer (and then cancelling it, of course) to get me this much-needed, nifty gadget.

After creating your own username/password, you can sign in and choose from one of the remaining offers on my list. Of course, they will try to suck you in by offering you a free iPod contingent on getting 4 of your friends to sign up, but just ignore that silly pyramid-scam ploy!
*This company is legit. So is my need of an iPod.

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Anonymous said...

As "legit" as your need for an mp3 player may be, I want to make sure that you aren't rushing into this whole ipod craze blindly. There are many other quality players out there that cost much less.

Always remember the scripture: there is no such thing as a free ipod.